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Im a serving officer from West Midlands and suffered two seperate incidents where Ive had a dog bite my leg causing a significant leg injury, the second incident I had three operations on a dislocated finger which resulted in it being removed. [Read More]

I am a retired Police Officer from Cumbria, now aged 62. In 1999, whilst still serving, I began to suffer lower back problems which rapidly degenerated and required the removal of a disc in my lower back in 2001. [Read More]

I joined the Greater Manchester Police in January 2002.Whilst at Sedgley Park, I had several things to sign such as pension forms, insurance etc , and a choice of subscribing to something called the BENEVOLENT FUND. I wasn't sure what it was but it was only a few quid a month so, hey ho, I decided to subscribe. Little did I know that I was making a decision that would help me beyond my wildest imagination. [Read More]

There was one blip when I submitted my application. I had not heard anything for a few weeks and when I phoned to chase it up .....[Read More]

Firstly I just want to say thank you for your very kind grant award. There are no words to describe how much it has and will help me and my family and it assists in so many ways than financial alone.....[Read More]

Last month the North West Police Benevolent fund purchased a specialist bike for my disabled son, aged 5. This has been the most positive impact upon my family that I truly cannot express adequately in words.....[Read More]

I am a serving Police Officer with 25 years service to date. I find myself suffering with injuries that are degenerative in nature, after being assaulted on duty in 2005.....[Read More]

I would just like to express my thanks and gratitude for your approval of my recent Benevolent Fund loan....[Read More]

The reason I was going to get in touch was to let you know that I have recently taken advantage of the Physio at H.Q...[Read More]

After injuring my back at work I required a lot of assistance with getting back to work, the benevolent fund helped me with this, they helped me financially with travelling over to Newcastle...[Read More]
PC J Reay Cumbria Constabulary

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the benevolent fund for the recent conversion of our garage into a fabulous wet room and downstairs bedroom...[Read More]
Robin Dobie

I was very stressed over this period, I got a call from my daughter saying that there had been a gas explosion at home, and then the phone died...[Read More]
Karen Danks-Loureiro

In May of last year I had to have an operation to untether my spinal cord. Unfortunately, although the operation was successful, it actually left me unable to move both of my legs. This outcome was not expected...[Read More]
Jane Arthur

We found out that our 2 month old baby had a serious heart condition and the months that followed were without doubt the hardest time of my life. My son had open heart surgery at 3 months old, which fortunately went really well...[Read More]
Jennifer Reeve

You know awful things always happen to someone else, that poor sod down the road or someone you worked with years ago, we've all heard the stories, struck down with a terrible illness, knocked off their bike, injured on duty, the list goes on...[Read More]
Martin Russell

My husband Mark Bennett has severe COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and in June had to give up work. (Currently exploring the possibility of a Lung Transplant). An assessment was carried out for various aids that were needed one of them being a stair lift... [Read More]
Sandra Bennett (GMP)

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