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About the Fund - Object

The object of the fund is to assist members when they are in need. None of us know when we, or members of our family, will find themselves in need - a family crisis, a sudden bereavement, an unexpected illness. Such things do not just affect pensioners, we are all vulnerable to life's events! It is comforting to know that the North West Police Benevolent Fund is there to care and support. In plain English, the fund provides the following services for members their families, Police Pensioners and widow(ER)s.



This facility alone should convince serving Officers of the benefit of being a member of the fund. Policing is an uncertain job, that was one aspect which I am sure attracted many of us to join in the first instance, but at any time illness or injury might present itself to us as individuals or to our families.

The Police Treatment Centres:

Subscribing members of the Fund and Police Pensioners are entitled to use the treatment centre facilities provided by the Northern Police Convalescence Treatment Centres at Harrogate (St Andrews) and Auchterarder,Scotland (Castlebrae). Allocation of places is a matter for the Clinical Staff at the Police Treatment Centre, in consultation with the your GP/Medical Practitioner or Force Occupational Health Unit.

Procedure for Admittance:

The procedure to enter the homes for treatment is quite simple. Application forms are available HERE or from your local Police Federation Office or the Force Occupational Health Unit should be completed by both the applicant and their medical practitioner. The completed form is returned to either your force Federation office or the Force Health Services Unit/Welfare (dependant on your forces individual arrangements) where admission to a relevant centre is arranged.

Holiday Lodges The below home are wholly owned by the fund and can be reserved in one of two manners;

You can either pay a reservation fee at the attractive low rates or in circumstances where attendance at one of the lodges would be beneficial to you for recouperative purposes subject to medical certification, the lodges are available free of charge.

Further details and booking forms are available from the Secretary LOANS AND GRANTS

Members, police pensioners, dependents, surviving partners and widow (er)s who are in need can be helped by way of a monetary grant or interest free loan to pay for items or services which will alleviate their suffering and generally assist them. (Does not cover private health care or nursing home fees, private education or legal fees). Each month the management committee meet to consider such applications to decide whether a grant or loan should be made.


In the event of the death of a Police Officer who is a member of the fund, a sum of £5,000 will be paid to the dependants within a working day of the notification of the death. We are aware that money is no consolation for the loss of a loved one, but it can be a comfort to know that one's dependants immediate expenses are catered for.

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