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Welcome to the North West Police Benevolent Fund


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The North West Police Benevolent Fund and the Greater Manchester High Sheriff's Police Trust have come together in association with LCCC Foundation with the aim to raise funds for both our Charity's. Please click here for further information and if you are able to support our charity's we will be extremely grateful and of course you may win!!

You can Donate by Paypal:

Our Mission:

To relieve officers of Cheshire Constabulary, Greater Manchester Police, Merseyside Police, Lancashire Constabulary, Cumbria Constabulary and NCA, retired officers of those and previous police forces amalgamated within the constituent forces, together with their dependants, who are in a condition of need and hardship or distress.

The North West Police Benevolent Fund does not have any outside Agencies or Companies fund raising on our behalf.

Any such approach should be reported to the Secretary of the Fund immediately via e-mail -

Our Newest Lodge:       St.Michael's Lodge, Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Being a member of the fund for serving officers is £5.46 a month (£4.00 for retirees), however the actual cost to both serving and retired officers donating via payroll or pension is less than the headline figure shown. For serving officers, whilst you see in your pay slip a deduction of £5.46, this is deducted from the members gross pay total before tax is applied therefore there is tax relief on the £5.46 at the rate the member pays tax, the net result with regard to donations for a 20% tax payer, the actual cost is £4.37 per month, and for a 40% tax payer, £3.28 per month. In relation to retired officers , the donation is £4 per month. this is deducted from the members gross pension total before tax is applied therefore there is tax relief on the £4 at the rate the member pays tax, the net result with regard to donations for a 20% tax payer, is £3.20 per month, and for a 40% tax payer, £2.40 per month.

If you don't know if you are currently a member - check your wage/pension slip for a deduction of this amount listed against 'Benevolent Fund'.

Each month the payslip's of the majority of our police officers will indicate a voluntary deduction to the North West Police Benevolent Fund. You may well ask, What do I get for my money?

In 1995 and up to the present day one in three police officers were injured whilst on duty. We hope this leaflet will reassure all officers that their hard earned cash is being well invested.

The Fund Members

In 1974 when the North West Police Benevolent Fund was founded, it was believed to have been the first time in the history of the British Police Service that three large Police Forces (GMP, Cheshire Constabulary and Merseyside Police) had brought together independent welfare funds and combined them into one fund. Later the Fund was joined by Lancashire Constabulary, NCA (National Crime Agency) and Cumbria Constabulary

The majority of serving officers in the six constituent organisations, contribute to the Fund.

The object of the fund is to assist members when they are in need. None of us know when we, or members of our family, will find themselves in need - a family crisis, a sudden bereavement, an unexpected illness. Such things do not just affect pensioners, we are all vulnerable to life's events!

It is comforting to know that the North West Police Benevolent Fund is there to care and support. In plain English, the fund provides the following services for members and their dependant families, Police Pensioners and widow(er)s.

Click here for more information about the object of the fund.

Make a Regular Donation by Standing Order

Regular donations made by standing order help the Fund in two ways. First we save money on administration costs, so more money goes to help those in need, and secondly a regular income helps us to budget with greater confidence through the year. If you are a UK taxpayer and donate through Gift Aid, the Fund will receive an additional 28 pence for every £1.00 you donate at no cost to yourself.

If you would like to make a regular donation by standing order you may download a printable Standing Order Form.

The bookings for the 2015 season commence as follows:-

From 9 am on the below dates on 01254 249766 PLEASE NOTE THE NEW PHONE NUMBER
(***Please Note:- calls prior to 9 am will be discarded***)

St Michael's Lodge

Bookings available now

Carnforth site

Bookings commence from 9 am on Wednesday 7th January 2015- (site re-opens 7th Feb)

Windermere site

Bookings commence from 9 am on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 - (site re-opens 1st March)

****The initial bookings for Carnforth and Windermere sites are taken by telephone only, just for the first few days that the bookings commence due to the high volume of requests, after the first few days it is possible to revert back to emailing your request, thank you for your co-operation in this regard****

South Wales Lodges, Pembrokeshire

The Benevolent Fund has sold the lodges based in Llanteg, (near Tenby), South Wales however one of the lodges has been purchased by our colleagues in NCA under their Care and Rehabilitation Scheme (CARS). The trustees of CARS are offering Benevolent Fund members access to their lodge on a rental basis only at reduced rates.

Members wishing to apply to book should contact David Johnston via e-mail at

Tariff available on request on the above email address

Bookings are normally from Saturday to Saturday however short breaks may be available on request. BBookings are being taken via e-mail from 2nd January 2015 onwards.

If your enquiry in relation to the general Ben Fund facilities can be done via e-mail please e-mail your request to

North West Police Benevolent Fund.
St Michael's Lodge,
Northcote Road, Langho
Lancashire, BB6 8BG

Tel: 01254 245571                         email:                        Registered Charity No. 503045